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Orconomics Wins SPFBO 4

The die is cast. The battle is over. The 4th Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off has ended. And even a week after the final announcement came, I’m still kind of gobsmacked by it. Orconomics won first place in the contest, and beyond that, tied for the highest score in the competition’s four-year history.

The contest has been an incredible experience, and one that I’ve talked about a lot already. It’s been wonderful to meet new people, to connect with other authors, to feel even more like a part of the fantasy community. If I hadn’t won, it would have been worth it. If I hadn’t been a finalist, I would have been glad I entered.

But on this side of the contest, I’m not going to hide it. Winning feels amazing. It was thrilling when I was named a finalist, but that was a fraction of the jolt I got when the final scores came down.  I’ve been on cloud nine since the last review posted.

I’ll reiterate that you should check out all of the finalists, and that you owe it to yourself to see the great fantasy that indie authors are producing. And if you haven’t read Orconomics yet, the judges overwhelmingly agree that you should give it a read.

As for myself, I took a week to cool my heels, and enjoy a glass of scotch, and feel grateful to everyone who helped made this possible. Let me send one more thank you to the readers, and the bloggers, and to Mark Lawrence for making this incredible contest possible. One more salute to the many great books in the contest; I know I could have been congratulating one of you had the rolls come out differently. One more glass of scotch because… well, some things don’t need a reason.

And then, back to writing. Onward and upward, with eternal gratitude.

3 thoughts on “Orconomics Wins SPFBO 4”

  1. Congratulations! That was well deserved.

  2. Christine says:

    Fantastic job JZP!!!! It was well deserved. I hope this launches you into full time writer-ship.

  3. Dana Gunn says:

    Congratulations! I love this series and am looking forward to Dragonfired.

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