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Arth’s Pantheon: The Gods of Water

Image of a crashing wave. Text reads Arth's Pantheon: Water. Sea, Lakes, Sailing

This is part of a series on Arth’s Pantheon. Twice a month we’re taking a look at life on Arth and the gods that shape it. If you’re new to the series, get started with an overview. This post looks at the gods of the realm of water.

Water is a blessing or a curse. It can be known and respected, but never taken for granted. A stream can give life, and a river can wash it away. People can pull food from the deep, or something from the deep can pull people down and eat them. The gods of water are seen as mercurial and fickle, but they command some of the most fervent worship from the various races of Man.


Uldine is the goddess of the sea and the ocean, but she is commonly associated with all water.  Brooding, melancholy, and occasionally boisterous, the ocean goddess is known for her unpredictable nature, for she feeds the masses with the bounty of her seas, and yet kills many of those who take to her waters every year. In various stories, she appears as a young girl, a warrior queen, an old man, a handsome prince, a monster from the depths, a sea drake, and myriad other forms. Her allegiance is as mercurial as her shape; the Agekeepers note that she resisted Mannon’s aspirations for power, but did not slay the Leviathan when it dwelt in her kingdom.

Temples of Uldine are always on a body of water, and the largest are on islands out to sea. All of her alliances and fights with other gods and goddesses are mercurial and shifting, and known only to her. The one constant is her opposition to Deep Thoggus; she regards the godling as an invader in her domain, and is forever trying to wash him away.

Uldine is mainly revered by sailors, but some Elven artists take inspiration from her temperament. Indeed, a brooding artist who creates in fits of activity is known as an Uldin’ethan – a child of Uldine.

  • Titles: The Roaring Waters, The Sea Singer, the Blue Lady
  • Race: Elf
  • Status: Dominant
  • Favored Weapon: Harpoon
  • Holy Symbol: Conch, Whale
  • Colors: Blue and Silver

Mugluck (formerly Malack)

Malack was the god of the deep, governing over the deepest parts of the sea, as well as the waters of underground springs and deep lakes. Despite his remove domain, Malack was on good terms with the other gods and goddesses, and even married Dewen, the goddess of devotion. But as time went on, he spent more and more time in the Great Deep, the black realm of dark waters that is said to link all of the unfathomable depths on Arth. When Mannon offered him power, he willingly accepted, and was transformed into Mugluck. Mailuck was the patron of Clan Slauhin, which became the Slaugh. Slaugh that worship him are often pirates, raiders, or assassins.

Mugluck is hated by most of the other gods, but he is allied with a few. Nodros and Mugluck both enjoy creating terrifying monsters, and sometimes work together. Uldine is as likely to side with Mugluck as try to kill him, depending on how the currents flow. And he and Sitha, goddess of the Naga, are rumored to be lovers. He does not fight with Dewen, but he does not ally with her either. To his wife’s dismay, he usually acts as though she does not exist. Mugluck does little for the Slaugh, and most Shadowkin ignore him as well. If he has any priests or clerics, they work in secret. If he has any temples or shrines, they’re beyond the reach of most mortals.

Mugluck is also clearly allied with Deep Thoggus, though depending on the legend Deep Thoggus is either Mugluck’s son, a spirit that Mugluck wove, or a greater demon that Mannon gave to Mugluck. Whatever the nature of the minor god’s origins, he and Mugluck are now said to working together to some dark purpose.

  • Titles: The Unknown Depths, the Dark Waters
  • Race: Slaugh (formerly Gnome)
  • Favored Weapon: Trident and Net
  • Holy Symbol: Kraken
  • Colors: Purple and Black


Baedrun is the god of mountain springs, underground reservoirs, oasis, and other hidden caches of potable water.  The Dwarves revere him as the source of their water and thus a part of their lifeblood, but many other peoples pray to Baedrun as well. Unlike most Dwarven gods, or most Dwarves, Baedrun is said to be as jovial and curious as he is benevolent. Legends portray him throwing great festivals, and he is said to have a soft spot in his heart for children.

Baedrun is the most broadly worshiped of the water deities, though his temples are not as grand as Uldine’s. He is far more popular in the Empire than the other water gods, especially among the nomads roaming the White Sea. Many Dwarven and Gnomish sailers revere him, since Uldine’s favor is fickle and Mailuck is no more.

The fifth month of Arth’s calendar, commonly called Sunheight, is named for Baedrun.

  • Titles: The Well of Life, The Silver Spring
  • Race: Dwarf
  • Favored Weapon: Flail
  • Holy Symbol: Otter
  • Colors: Blue, White, and Green

Stennish Goddess

Legend says that when the Sten fell great waves pulled the temples of the Stennish water goddess into the depths. Nobody knows if this is true, because nobody can remember where her temples were. Indeed, nobody can remember her name.

  • Race: Sten
  • Status: Banished

That’s it for this section of Arth’s Pantheon. You can get a good overview of the gods of Arth here. There’s more Arth Lore available on the blog as well. And in case you haven’t journeyed to Arth yourself yet, check out my books for some fantasy adventure that’s so funny, it’s epic.

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