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Book 1 of The Dark Profit Saga

Professional heroes kill and loot deadly monsters every day, but Gorm Ingerson's quest will be anything but business as usual. Blending biting humor and epic storytelling, Orconomics skewers corporate culture using the best fantasy traditions.

“One of the best books I've read in my life… 10/10 ” — Petros, Booknest.eu

“A complete joy of a book.” — Josh Mauthe, The Library Police

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S P F B O Winner

1st Place, SPFBO 2018

4th Self Published Fantasy Blog Off

Winner for Humor
Finalist for Fantasy

10th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards

When Gorm Ingerson, a disgraced and drunken Dwarven ex-hero with a checkered past, stands up for an undocumented Goblin, he is forced to accept a suicidal quest to save himself and his new friend from certain death. With one shot at redemption, Gorm and his party of eccentric misfits must recover a stolen treasure and stay one step ahead of the powerful organizations showing an unusual interest in their progress. Through a series of unfortunate choices and with the guiding hand of an insane goddess, Gorm inadvertently sets off a chain of events that will change his life—and the world—forever.

Praise for Orconomics

Orconomics is a resounding success, and one of the most interesting and original takes on fantasy I've encountered.“ — Adam Weller, Fantasy Book Review

Orconomics has all the action, adventure, danger-fraught journeys and harrowing battles the best epic fantasy has to offer.“ — Dyrk Aston, Booknest.eu

“There is a dungeon master’s skill at work in the way Pike weaves familiar ingredients into a story that is fresh and appealing.“ —T.O. Munro, The Fantasy Hive

Amazon Average: 4.6 stars, 700+ reviews
Goodreads Average: 4.3 stars, 4,000+ ratings
Audible Average: 4.6 stars, 3,000+ ratings

Orconomics Cover

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