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Gnow Your Gnomes: Dwerrow

Drawing of a Dwerrow man and woman

The Gnomes of Clan Erdin, or Hill Gnomes, are often mistaken for Dwarves. They’re just a head shorter than Dwarves, but otherwise have similar stocky builds, long beards, and muscular frames. Other key differences from Dwarves include narrower shoulders, rounder features, and (perhaps most significantly), the presence of female Dwerrow. Even with these key differences, Dwerrow have historically been called “Hill Dwarves” in some areas. The term is falling into disuse, however, as Dwerrow consider it insensitive, and Dwarves consider it grounds for violence.

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Indie Publishing

Post Re-Mortum: A Look Back at the Son of a Liche Launch

Last month I launched the second book of The Dark Profit Saga, and I’m really excited about the results. Fans of the books came out in force, and some additional marketing efforts on my part helped propel my books to new heights on the sales charts. Orconomics was the #1 Epic Fantasy and #1 Satire at the same time for a few glorious hours, and sales of Son of a Liche have been fantastic.

So let me say a big thank you to everyone who supported me through the launch, who picked up the book, and who helped spread the word about Arth. The feedback on the book has been incredible, and I really appreciate it.
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