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The Fall of Optimism

Fall foliage and leaves on the ground

Every summer, I make the same mistake. I start to get really optimistic.

I don’t mean in general; I’m not talking about how I feel about humanity or the nature of life. Those things aren’t quite so seasonal. I mean, I get optimistic about what I can realistically take on.

My wife has a reduced work schedule in the summer. My day job doesn’t officially have less hours in summer, but there’s a natural slowdown to projects as people take vacations with their kids. My kids have less commitments. We take days for ourselves. And I’m generally pretty darn productive.

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Arth Lore

Arth Lore: The Bannermen

A helmet and sword lying on armor.

Maintaining the peace is harder on Arth than in many other worlds. Most of the work involving protecting citizens, investigating villainy, and defending property falls to the Heroes’ Guild. And while professional heroes are very good at stopping threats, they are very bad at doing so in a safe or orderly manner.

But someone must keep the peace, and patrol the streets and ramparts, and take down reports when the Elves next door have been throwing raging parties at all hours of the night. For that plodding, every day sort of heroics, duty calls upon the bannermen.

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