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Arth Lore

Arth Lore: The Bannermen

A helmet and sword lying on armor.

Maintaining the peace is harder on Arth than in many other worlds. Most of the work involving protecting citizens, investigating villainy, and defending property falls to the Heroes’ Guild. And while professional heroes are very good at stopping threats, they are very bad at doing so in a safe or orderly manner.

But someone must keep the peace, and patrol the streets and ramparts, and take down reports when the Elves next door have been throwing raging parties at all hours of the night. For that plodding, every day sort of heroics, duty calls upon the bannermen.

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Indie Publishing


Let’s talk about the Self-Publishing Fantasy Blog Off.

For the fourth time in as many years, Fantasy mastermind-at-large Mark Lawrence is running his annual battle royale for indie speculative fiction. Three hundred (300!) authors throw their hats (books) into the ring (internet), and ten blogs review them. Ten finalists are chosen and scored by all ten blogs. Then one winner emerges, to relative fame, fortune, and accolade. (Hopefully. It’s worked out well for previous winners.)

This year, based on encouragement from a couple of cool folks, I entered Orconomics into the fray. And I’m more than a little terrified. Some of the other books out there look amazing.

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