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News Roundup: June 2018

A lot’s been going on lately, and I wanted to take a little time to round up what I’ve been working on when I’m not feverishly outlining Dragonfired.

A Critical Hit!

Orconomics and Son of a Liche have been rolling well at Booknest.eu and Fantasy Faction, two of the interweb’s biggest fantasy sites. Author JC Kang reviewed Orconomics over at Fantasy Faction, and author C.T. Phipps reviewed Orconomics and Son of a Liche for Booknest. No spoilers, but there were lots of stars awarded. Stars everywhere.

Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off

Every year for a while now, author Mark Lawrence sets up a competition called the Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off, or SPFBO. This year, Orconomics is in the mix. 300 indie books go into the hopper, and 10 review blogs will winnow them down to one exemplary winner. You can keep track of all the action over at Mark’s blog.

Signed Books in the New Store

Signed copies of Son of a Liche are now available in my new online store. I’ve set up a new online shop to sell print and ebooks, as well as some merchandise. (Right now that’s limited to bookmarks, but hey. Things are coming.) What’s better: all signed copies come with a free ebook copy!

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