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News Roundup: June 2018

A lot’s been going on lately, and I wanted to take a little time to round up what I’ve been working on when I’m not feverishly outlining Dragonfired.

A Critical Hit!

Orconomics and Son of a Liche have been rolling well at Booknest.eu and Fantasy Faction, two of the interweb’s biggest fantasy sites. Author JC Kang reviewed Orconomics over at Fantasy Faction, and author C.T. Phipps reviewed Orconomics and Son of a Liche for Booknest. No spoilers, but there were lots of stars awarded. Stars everywhere.

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How I’m Outlining Dragonfired

I put a lot of work into maintaining my little website. I spruce things up here and there. I tweak copy. I add fun lore about Arth. Still, people are most interested in the colorful bars that show how far along the next book is. If you’re one of those progress-trackers, you may like this video; it goes into a bit more depth about why this outline is taking so long, and why I think the new process will ultimately help me deliver Dragonfired faster.

Warning: The video contains minor spoilers for things that may or may not actually happen at the beginning of Dragonfired. (I’m not being coy. The story will change in the drafting and revision process.) If you hate (minor) spoilers, don’t read the outline.

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