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My First Month with Habitica

I’m a gamer at heart. I inevitably gravitate towards RPGs, board games, MMOs, and their ilk. Unfortunately, this primal urge often takes me away from things like getting enough sleep, minding my health, getting stuff done around the house, or my writing.

December was particularly unproductive; I consider myself faultless in that regard, because very few gamers could reasonably be expected to do anything that wasn’t Fallout 4 at the end of 2015. Still, I was disappointed with my output in a number of areas, and so I resolved to find an app or service to help me be more effective. I found so much more. I found Habitica.

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Arth Lore

Gnow Your Gnomes: Scribkin

It’s hard to define the Gnomes of Arth; they’re said to take as many shapes and sizes as the clouds in the sky.  Gnomish legends say that they once shared a common ancestor, but the great Clans have all become their own sub-races.  Be that as it may, it’s proper to refer to any of them, from a Halfling to a Tinderkin to a Deep Gnome, as a Gnome.

Scribkin, as the Gnomes of Clan Tinkrin are commonly known, are generally thought by most people to be the quintessential Gnomes (a viewpoint wholeheartedly embraced by most Scribkin).  They stand half as tall as most humans, with stocky builds, bulbous noses, and thick, bushy hair.  Industrious and curious, Scribkin make for some of Arth’s most innovative inventors, enchanters, and engineers.

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