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My Experience with ACX, Part 2

In our last exciting episode, I detailed my first, not-so-successful foray into ACX, the audiobook creation exchange.

For a long time, my ACX project lay dormant while I worked on other things. Then in late 2016, something I didn’t expect happened: producers started reaching out to me.

I didn’t do anything specifically to attract an audiobook producer, but 2016 was a pretty good year for my book. Orconomics won a national award, which prompted enough sales for it to get picked up by Amazon’s recommendation engine. Once that happened, I started selling well enough to sustain a respectable Amazon sales rank, and soon a couple of producers reached out to see if I wanted to create an Audiobook of Orconomics.

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Indie Publishing

My Experience with ACX, Part 1

In case you missed me screaming it into the black void of internet despair that is Twitter, Orconomics is now an audiobook. I’m really excited about the results, but I also wanted to share some about the journey as well.

If you’re uninitiated, I got my book turned into an audiobook using ACX — the audiobook creation exchange. It’s a collaboration between Audible and its parent company, Amazon, which also runs Kindle Direct Publishing. Authors can post opportunities to secure the production rights to their books, and then producers can opt in to produce the book for either a flat fee or a share of the royalties. The finished book is posted on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

ACX is a great system, if you use it right. If you don’t, it can be frustrating and clunky. Fortunately for you, I’ve done both.

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