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Arth’s Pantheon: Mordo Ogg

Image of a skull. Text reads: Arth's Pantheon. Mordo Ogg, the God of Death

This is part of a series on Arth’s Pantheon. Twice a month we’re taking a look at life on Arth and the gods that shape it. If you’re new to the series, get started with an overview. This post looks at the god of death.

Arth’s Pantheon comes in all shapes and sizes, but Mordo Ogg stands out among them. The God of Death rules his realm alone, and he isn’t associated with any race of Man or monster. He does not pursue followers, or reward those that seek him out. But for a distant god ruling over the end of life, Mordo Ogg is surprisingly accepted, and even seen as amiable in some cultures.

After all, he’s not like the death gods you get in other universes, with all the plotting and mass killing and such.

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