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Arth Lore

Arth’s Pantheon: The Creation of Arth

A starry universe. Text reads: Arth's Pantheon: Arth's Creation

This is part of a series examining the gods and powers that shape life on Arth. If you’re new to the series, get started with an overview.

Arth’s pantheon was essentially a celestial administration that the Creator had left in charge once He decided that His work was good, or at least good enough. Like middle management everywhere, the gods seemed to be mostly concerned with petty conflicts and power struggles. They fought endlessly over believers, and money, and status, and the best temples, and anything else that gods typically want.

Orconomics, Chapter 3

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Arth Lore

Arth’s Pantheon: An Overview

The ceiling of an ornate temple with the words Arth's Pantheon: an Overview

One of the most frequent requests for Arth lore that I get is for more detail on the deities that govern it. There’s a lot to tell; Arth has a big pantheon, though most of them are only tangentially mentioned in The Dark Profit Saga. Still, if you know who to look for, you can see many of their names appearing throughout the story, as an active, raucous collection of gods and goddesses have shaped life on Arth for ages.

This is the beginning of a series on religion on Arth. Twice a month we’ll be looking at some aspect of Arth’s pantheon, the gods that rule it, and the history of the world. It’s sourced from the notes on the gods I made years back when I started writing Orconomics, updated to match the canon version published. If you’ve been wondering who Oppo is or how Fula’s Pot was named, this is the series for you.

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