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I’m going on a virtual book tour! If you’re wondering what that is, think of it as a book tour without the travel. Or bookstores. Or touring, really.

But what a virtual book tour does still have (hopefully) is a chance to engage with readers. I’ll be popping on to a bunch of great blogs with guest posts, interviews, and a few reviews of Orconomics. Better still, I’ll be answering questions in the comments or via social media as the tour goes on.

And another thing that a virtual book tour still has (definitely) is signed books. Specifically, you could win one of three signed copies of Orconomics, or even win a Kindle Paperwhite to read your new Orconomics eBook on. 

Intrigued? That’s probably because of the bold text. Regardless, it’s beyond easy to enter my giveaway. Just tweet a message, or follow me on Twitter, or share the contest with friends—any one of several social-engagement-type actions gets you entries, and you can do as little or as much as you like. There’s really no excuse not to enter now.

My virtual book tour kicked off with an interview from the talented Freda Hansburg. You should definitely read it here. And if you like it, you should like it. Not like-like it in a High School way. Just, you know, use the social medias to show Freda’s interview with the world’s most handsome fantasy economist some love.

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