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Blog Tour Update 1: First Stretch Down

The first stretch of my blog tour is behind us, and it’s been a lot of fun so far. If you’ve missed any posts, here’s a quick recap of the action. Of course, the best way to keep up is to follow me on Facebook.

As a quick reminder, the blog tour coincides with a fantastic Orconomics giveaway. You could win a signed copy of Orconomics, or even a Kindle Paperwhite, just by telling your friends about your favorite financial fantasy. Trust me, it’s incredibly easy to enter here.

On Monday the 4th I was interviewed on Freda Hansburg’s blog. I talk about my inspiration, my writing habits, and a really awkward imaginary dinner.

Wednesday’s tour took me a bit off the beaten path, as I was scheduled to post on a paranormal romance blog site. I used the opportunity to try to convince Indy Book Faerie’s readers that paranormal romance fans should switch to financial fantasy. (Spoiler alert: I had modest success!)

And on Friday the 8th I was interviewed again, this time by the Literary Lunes crew. You can read about how Orconomics came to be the fantasy satire we all know and love, as well as see how my book relates to Lindsay Lohan. (I’d wager you didn’t think there was a Lindsay Lohan connection to my books. But there it is!)

The fun continues next week, so don’t forget to follow me on social media for regular updates on my latest stops.

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