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Orconomics & Orconomics: More is More

For a little while now people have been pinging me to say “Did you see the Orconomics board game?” or “Are you working with this Kickstarter?” And the answers were yes and no, respectively, until now. Now we’re yes all the way.

The Orconomics Board Game, 2nd Edition Kickstarter is well underway with my full-throated endorsement. And what’s more, the endorsement is mutual! I’m collaborating with the great folks at Ares Games on ways that we can bring a Guz’Varda vibe to their cut-throat economic boardgame. That’s right – we’re going to work out a way to add an homage to Arth’s Orcs to the board game, perhaps it with a unique Industry sector!

What will that homage be? YOU can help shape it

  1. Back the Orconomics 2nd Edition Kickstarter within the next week!
  2. Think of the best Arth reference you’d like to see in the Orconomics boardgame. Ares Games will let you know how to deliver the feedback.
  3. Conquer the Orconomy for maximum profits!

I’m really excited for this game, and hope you’ll lend it your support! (I’m not just an advocate, I’m also a backer!

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