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Orctober 2019 Contest: An Artful Raffle

This month is the most Orcish on the calendar- Orctober! And what’s more, this particular Orctober marks 5 years since I threw caution to the wind and indie-published Orconomics! And I’m celebrating in that most time-honored tradition: I’m giving away free stuff! 

You can enter the contest here, for free!

A Grand Prize

One lucky winner of the Orctober Art Arth Contest contest will get a super rare overrun print of the Orconomics Ensemble signed by myself and artist George Sellas, embossed with the seal of the Heroes’ Guild, and stored in a protective sleeve with heavy, acid-free board backing.

What’s an overrun print? A limited run on 50 prints was made, numbered, and signed for sale by George Sellas and I. But, just in case a copy was defective or damaged, we had the printer print 54 copies. Happily, no accidents occurred. So we created a Z series of 4 signed prints, numbered separately from the other 50. Prints from the series of 50 will be on sale online by November, but I’m not selling the overrun prints. You have to win them.

A signed print of Gorm, Kaitha, Jynn, Laruna, Heraldin, Niln, Gaist, Thane, and Gleebek

This photo is one of the 50 original prints. The overrun prints are nearly identical, except they are numbered 1/4, 2/4, etc. and there is a Z near the image number.


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