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A special Orctober “thank you” to my patrons

Zack Pike holding a pin of a flaming 5 giltin note.

A while back I set up a Patreon page to connect with people willing to help support my writing career. In exchange, patrons get early access to stories, sneak peeks at upcoming Arth artwork, occasional bonus content, and a few other perks. I’ve really been humbled by the support and kind feedback from people who are helping me move my writing career forward, and I’ve genuinely enjoyed interacting with them in the private Discord channel. 

I’m still experimenting with Patreon, but I wanted to thank all of the early supporters. And with the 5th anniversary of Orconomics coming up next month, I’ve got a chance to do just that.

A Special Offer

I’ve been an indie author for 5 years at this point, and I couldn’t have come this far without your support. Thank you, readers and patrons! All patrons who are pledging $10 or more as of October 31st will be eligible to get a free 2019 Orconomics pin and a thank-you note from yours truly.

An Exclusive Contest

Of course, I want to make sure I’m thanking my supporters at any level, so I’m running a contest this October for all of my Patrons at any support level. And I think I’m giving away some pretty great prizes, including:

  • A very rare, full-size art print signed by myself and the artist
  • A first-edition, original cover copy of Orconomics from 2014
  • Signed books

This exclusive contest is for Patrons only. Details will be on my Patreon page during the month of October, but the entering will be easy: all you need to do is post in Patreon with a post, image or link showing your fandom for our favorite fiscal fantasy. I’ll judge the winners personally.

If you’re already a Patreon supporter, I want you to know that your support means a lot to me. If you’ve been considering supporting me on Patreon, there’s never been a better time to join.

Orctober Is Coming

Even if you’re not into Patreon, don’t worry. I have some fun planned this Orctober for Orconomics fans everywhere, including a separate free contest that’s open to everyone, a new Arth Lore post, and more. You can make sure you don’t miss anything by joining my newsletter.

After five years working on my books, I want to thank all of my readers. It’s genuinely exciting to think that Arth has fans out there, and your support means more than I can express with words alone. (Which is why I have resorted to contests, giveaways, etc.)

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