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Arth’s Pantheon: The Gods of Trade

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This is part of a series on Arth’s Pantheon. Twice a month we’re taking a look at life on Arth and the gods that shape it. If you’re new to the series, get started with an overview. This post looks at the gods of trade.

The gods of money and wealth predate the existence of an actual economy, which leads to some interesting discussion among Agekeepers. Some priests and philosophers think that these gods once represented greater themes, like want and hunger, and that the invention of money has shaped their divine nature. Other clergy members think that money corrupted the gods in some way, as though commerce denied the world nameless ideals by tainting the gods that championed them. Economists say that the world has enough ideals, and they pray to the gods of trade out pragmatism.


Dakran is the god of precious metals and gems, of jewel-crafting, and of wealth. Dakran and his brother Aednar were insatiable in their quests for treasure, and they drove their Dwarves to dig unfathomable mines in pursuit of gold. When Mannon approached them in the Age of Legends, Dakran initially convinced his brother to accept the Dark Lord’s offer. However, the Golden Dwarf reconsidered, and backed out at the last minute.  Dakran could not convince Aednar to abandon his folly as well, and Aednar was lost to him. Dakran’s honor was tainted by his near-betrayal, and his grief at the loss of his brother stung even more.  This is said to be why the Dwarves do not dig so far down as they once did, and going too deep into a matter is called Dakran’s folly.

Dakran is a favorite god of bankers and merchants, as well as purveyors of luxury goods. Shopkeepers commonly have a shrine to Dakran or a sacred griffon sculpture in their stores; Dwarven shopkeepers like to keep a battleaxe dedicated to Dakran under the counter as well. Dakran is a clever and enterprising god, and he will work with any other deity when he sees an advantage. He frequently feuds with the Wild gods, however, as he can offer them little, and he finds Oppo to be insolent.

  • Titles: The Golden Dwarf, the Jeweled Hand, the Tarnished King
  • Race: Dwarf
  • Status: Dominant
  • Favored Weapon: Battleaxe
  • Holy Symbol: Griffon
  • Colors: Gold and Silver

Az’ilgar (formerly Isulkin)

Isulkin was once the favorite god of merchants and shop keeps, a master barterer and dealmaker. He grew increasingly aggressive and monopolizing in business in the Second Age, going farther and father in pursuit of profit. Mannon made him a deal he probably could have refused, but he took it, and he joined with the other Shadowkin gods. His fall and transformation into Az’ilgar the Orcish God did nothing to quench his avarice, and he is now revered as the god of Plunder and Theft.

Az’ilgar is the favored god of bandits, pirates, and a certain sort of gambler. Some smaller Orcish and Goblin tribes follow him, though they’re best thought of as greenish bandits and pirates. He’s cunning, greedy, and not above violence if it’s beneficial to him. However, he also has an eye for long odds, and it’s said that he hasn’t been on the bad side of a deal since the War of Betrayal. Mannon undoubtedly called on him during the Nephan’s War in the Age of Darkness, but the histories of that conflict make no mention of the Red Hand. Az’ilgar makes brief alliances of convenience with Kud’gar, Dakran, or Sitha in the middle of conflict, but he’s always in the middle of conflict. He holds a special hatred for Oppo above all. The only one to escape his generalized aggression is Gartha; he leaves her and her followers alone for reasons that nobody else knows.

  • Titles: The Everneed, Greedheart
  • Race: Orc (formerly Elf)
  • Favored Weapon: Scimitar
  • Holy Symbol: A Red Hand, often holding a weapon, a head, or gold (formerly a White Hand)
  • Colors: Red, White, Gold


Oppo is the god of charity, also associated with the giving of gifts, mercy, and love for mankind. Oppo is the patron of the Gnomes of Clan Thomten, commonly known as the Tomte. Oppo is generous, cheerful, and helpful, and usually has no ambition beyond continuiing to be so. As such, he gets along well with most of the rest of the pantheon. Oppo’s most famous story tells of him angering Isulkin in the first age. Isulkin vowed to destroy the humble god for some insult. However, Oppo’s charity and generosity had earned him too many friends, and Isulkin was thwarted at every turn by the other gods and great spirits.

Oppo’s clergy and followers are famous for providing free healing and warm meals to those in need. Many poor houses, healing houses, and town gardens are run by Oppo’s clergy. He does not get along well with Dakran or Kug’gar, and Az’ilgar is his mortal enemy. He is friends to Odylanar, the god of the hunt, and both are associated with the season of summer.

The tenth month of Arth’s calendar, commonly called Summerglow, is named for Oppo.

  • Titles: The Cheerful Giver, Kindheart, The Humble God
  • Race: Gnome (specifically, Tomte)
  • Favored Weapon: Sling
  • Holy Symbol:  Olive Leaves, A Laurel
  • Colors: Brown and Silver

Nameless Stennish God

Ancient texts imply that the Stennish God of Wealth was an source of puzzlement and anger to old scholars, but nobody can discern why.

  • Race: Sten
  • Status: Banished

That’s it for this section of Arth’s Pantheon. You can get a good overview of the gods of Arth here. There’s more Arth Lore available on the blog as well. And in case you haven’t journeyed to Arth yourself yet, check out my books for some fantasy adventure that’s so funny, it’s epic.

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