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Arth’s Pantheon: The Gods of War

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This is part of a series examining the gods and powers that shape life on Arth. If you’re new to the series, get started with an overview.

The gods of war, strength, and combat are different from the other gods. When the Creator raised up a number of Titans to become Arth’s gods, there was no realm of war. Battle hadn’t been fought yet, and Arth was free of violence. That changed when the demons invaded during the First War. At that time, Al’Thadan and Al’Matra raised four new gods and made them the rulers of the realm of war.


Tandos is the firstborn and greatest son of Al’Thadan and Al’Matra, and it was he who finally banished the All Father and struck down Mannon. In the First Age, he was born a minor god, but he quickly proved to be a valuable ally to his father. When demons invaded Arth, Tandos went to the mortal realm and fought with legendary bravery. As a reward, he was lifted up as the leader of realm of war. In the war of Betrayal, his champion led the effort to banish Al’Thadan. In the Age of Darkness, it was his avatar that slew Nephan and struck Mannon down.

Today, Tandos maintains not only his own authority, but rules over the pantheon as the Divine Regent. His temples are the largest and most well-funded in the Freedlands, the Empire, and Ruskan. Tandos’ clergy do their best to project a unified pantheon, but Al’Matra wages frequent–if ineffectual–wars on her son, and many gods try to ignore him when possible. He engages in frequent conflicts with all of the Shadowkin gods, especially Sitha, Gathra, Kud’gar, Razar, and Gich.

The twelfth and final month of Arth’s calendar, commonly called Deepnight, is named for Tandos.

  • Titles: The Blazing Spear, the Glorious Conqueror, the Shining Knight, the Avenger
  • Race: Elf
  • Status: Dominant, Ascendent (of Dominion)
  • Favored Weapon: Great Spear, Lance
  • Holy Symbol: Flaming Spear
  • Colors: Red and Gold


Khazen was once made of metal, forged by Thran’dar to serve at the forge. When the demons invaded Arth in the First War, Thran’dar sent Khazen to Arth to defend the clanhomes. Khazen fought so well and saved so many of the Dwarves that Al’Matra wove him a soul and brought him up as the god of defense, and the defender of the homelands.

Today, Khazen is a favorite god of guards, watchmen, and militias. His holy symbol is put on gates and fortress walls, and armies under siege will sometimes set their shields up as shrines to him. He is the patron god of the Dwarven Brotherhood of the Shield, guardians of the clanhomes. He serves Ad’az and Thran’dar primarily, and forever fights with Razar and Kud’gar.

  • Titles: The Great Defender, the Mountain Shield
  • Race: Dwarf
  • Favored Weapon: Hammer
  • Holy Symbol: A Mountain Fortress
  • Colors: Blue and White


Legends hold that when the first demons entered Arth, one of their number convinced a married Gnome to seduce Grund. The woman bore Grund a daughter, Sitha, the first demigoddess. The woman, ashamed of her adultery, set the baby out on a hill to fend for itself. But Grund was loyal, and he came and fetched his daughter. She grew fast and strong, and was a mighty woman of influence. By the time the First War began, she had rallied a group of High Gnomes and made them her own clan; Clan Nagata.

Whatever Sitha accomplished during the First War is lost to the Agekeepers, but it was sufficiently impressive that Al’Matra and Al’Thadan made her a goddess of ambush and cunning warfare.  But in the Second Age, Sitha desired more. Mannon’s whispers held special appeal for the Sly One, and she joined him willingly. She embraced the spell that made her people the Naga, and became the Goddess of Murder.

Sitha is said to mask herself as other races when appearing in visions. Many stories depict her presenting herself to killers on the run and pressing them into her service. She is a favorite among assassins, mercenaries, and professional heroes of a less-savory persuasion. Her temples, however, are few and hidden, as she is always at war with many gods, especially Tandos and Tengen.

  • Titles: The Sly One, the Great Viper
  • Race: Naga (formerly Gnome)
  • Favored Weapon: Dagger
  • Holy Symbol: Serpent (formerly maple branch)
  • Colors: Green and Gold

Nameless Stennish Goddess

Some legends tell of a goddess who wielded a quarterstaff and wore a robe of orchids, but her name is lost to time.
  • Race: Sten
  • Status: Banished

That’s it for this section of Arth’s Pantheon. You can get a good overview of the gods of Arth here. There’s more Arth Lore available on the blog as well. And in case you haven’t journeyed to Arth yourself yet, check out my books for some fantasy adventure that’s so funny, it’s epic.

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