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New Book: A Song of Three Spirits

A man kicking up his feet with a cozy holiday mug and an e-reader loaded up with A Song of Three Spirits

Happy Mordo Ogg’s Day! The biggest holiday of the year is upon us! I am, of course, referring to Mordo Ogg’s Day, Arth’s celebration of life (especially the bit at the end.)

You may be wondering how to properly celebrate Mordo Ogg’s Day.  Don’t worry; it can be observed in the same way modern people mark any holy day set aside for reverence and reflection: by purchasing new stuff. Fortunately, we have you covered there. Today I’ve released A Song of Three Spirits, the first novella set on Arth! Grab your copy today!

Fenrir Goldson is filthy rich. He’s also callous and cruel and hasn’t got a festive bone in his ancient body. Naturally, he’s due for a holiday haunting. Holiday magic and economic realities collide in A Song of Three Spirits. It’s A Christmas Carol for the 21st century, with a dash of high fantasy.

Of course, no good satire of A Christmas Carol would be complete without illustrations. A Song of Three Spirits has those as well.

An illustration of Fenrir Goldson looking at Bolbi Baggs draped in chains and medallions

There’s more where that came from. (Where that came from is inside the book, to be clear.) There’s just over one illustration per stave.

At this point. you may be wondering what a “stave” is. You can ask Charles Dickens, and while you’re in the afterlife you can inquire why the old codger opted to use staves instead of perfectly good chapters. But he did, so I had to use them, because this a proper satire of A Christmas Carol. And a proper satire mimics the original, from the moment the rich miser touches the face-shaped knocker on his door right up through the magical battle to perform an exorcism.

Okay, maybe it goes a little off the rails.

But you’re going to love it. It’s fast-paced, funny fantasy, with a holiday story that is both instantly familiar and yet unlike anything you’ve read before. Read it now!

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