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My Name is Ariele and I Write Books: 10 Fun Facts About the Sagittan Chronicles

Hello, J. Zachary Pike’s fans. It’s lovely to meet you! I am a writer and my genre is scifi. I’m happy to announce that I recently released a new novel titled The Wounded World. You can pick up a copy on Amazon, or get a signed copy on my website!

The book is about Quin, who returns home to find that his father, a high-level government official, has disappeared leaving a dangerous new piece of technology behind. Quin sets out to find out where his father went, and to solve the myriad of problems in his path.

This blog tour is designed to give you a taste of my world. Today’s tidbits are:

10 Facts About the Sagittan Chronicles

  1. Quin, the main character in The Wounded World, lost his hair in a military training exercise.
    The exercise was designed to teach the rookies how to deal with environmental contaminants. They sprayed the team with a hair removal aerosol and Quin wasn’t wearing his suit properly. Within three days, all of his hair was gone.
  2. John (another main characters) has no last name.
    Why is this? Because he grew up in an orphanage and no one knew who his parents were. Typical baby in a basket scenario.
  3. The Oliphant Family chooses their professions based on what name their parents assigned them.
    Williams become booksellers, Auveks become accountants, Lakes become engineers, and so on. It is only a rare occurrence when a person chooses a different occupation than their name.
  4. The Lake Oliphant, engineer, family line eventually died out because of their propensity for going slightly mad.
    The family decided that the Lakes were cursed.
  5. Sagitta, the planet where most of my stories take place, is in the shape of a donut.
    Learn more about this in a future blog on my tour!
  6. Most of the Doors on Sagitta can take you to the other side of the universe.
    There are two types: monolocus and polylocus. Monolocus Doors can take you to one other location. Polylocus Doors can take you to any other Door in existence.
  7. Quin is part of a special military task force that enters unknown Doors and makes contact with civilizations on the other side.
    That’s his day job, of course, when John isn’t getting him into trouble doing other things.
  8. The Globe (where John works) is not only responsible for monitoring all Door activity, but also for developing new technologies.
    These technologies include translation devices, robots that do various things, cloning, and planet building, to name a few.
  9. The Life Stars is the first religious group to openly practice on Sagitta in nearly 7,000 years.
    Because most of the people that first colonized the planet were scientists, very few of them were religious, and the ones that were didn’t pass their beliefs on to very many generations.
  10. Grise, Quin’s father and a fugitive on the run, won Sagitta’s 12th annual Best Looking Old Man Contest.
    He beat his opponent, Stanley Finnegan, only by a margin. Categories include: least hairy, fewest moles, and most symmetrical wrinkles.

Bonus Fun Fact:

You can learn more about Pomegranate City and Sagitta by reading my books! Okay, I guess that was a cheap fun fact. Here’s one about me: my middle name is Joy, named after C.S. Lewis’ second wife, Joy Gresham.

Are you curious to learn more about The Sagittan Chronicles? Pick up a copy on Amazon, or get a signed copy on my website! You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

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And stay tuned for the next blog in the series!

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