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Losing It! at NHFF

I’m happy to Announce that Losing It! is an official selection of the New Hampshire Film Festival.  If you’re in the Granite State on October 16th, I hope you’ll come and see the film, along with a bunch of other great New Hampshire films.  See you at the movies.

A while back, which is to say a really long while back, I shot a short film starring Jeff Koen as a portly burglar who steals a fitness video game. The titular game is more than it seems, however — it’s evil.  As the short progresses, the game turns from mildly insulting to downright threatening.

Naturally, this is all based on my own experiences with Wii Fit, which was the most degrading game I’ve ever played.  It started when Wii Fit inflated my Mii like a balloon and played dopey music when I stepped on the scale. I finally got rid of the game after I tried showing the game off to some friends, and Wii Fit announced to the room that it had been a long time since I exercised.

Regardless of my tumultuous experiences with fitness games, Losing It! is a fun, quirky short, and I hope you’ll join us at New Hampshire Night of the NHFF to watch it.


One thought on “Losing It! at NHFF”

  1. bitflipper says:

    Da-a-ang! Even with an off-handed comment about the inspiration for one of your works, you’ve got me laughing to the point of tears! You, good sir, are rapidly earning a spot among my most cherished authors.

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