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Send Better Emails with MailChimp Interest Groups

Send Better Emails with MailChimp Interest Groups

If you’re an independent author, you fall into one of two categories:

  1. You have a mailing list you use to keep in touch with your readers and let them know about your upcoming releases.
  2. You don’t, and you’re sick of so-called “experts” online yapping on and on about how important it is to maintain a mailing list.

If you’re in the second group, of if you’re not interested in independent publishing, I recommend that you navigate to your search engine of choice and search for funny cats. This article will not make you happy.

But if you do use a mailing list—specifically one in MailChimp—let’s take a moment to talk about segmenting your list by interests.

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Arth Lore

Arth Lore: Dwarves – An Overview of the Underfolk

Dwarf Warrior in Andarun

Dwarves are said by the other races of Men to be just as cold and hard as the mountains they hail from. Yet those who have known them to be as warm and inviting as the clanhomes they dig within the crags and crevices of their windswept homelands. And even those friends of the Underfolk will tell you that the Dwarven temper can be as explosive as the firedamp and gas vents deep within the mines they excavate, though they say as much at the risk of being shouted down for carrying a metaphor too far.

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