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The Best Golden Cards to Craft in Hearthstone

So if you’re a Hearthstone fan with some extra dust lying around, you may be wondering what to craft with it.  (Note that this doesn’t mean you have all the cards – there’s no way I’m spending a speck of dust on Lorewalker Cho.) It’s time to bedazzle your decks Hearthstone style – by crafting golden cards! Golden cards, for the uninitiated, don’t do anything special beyond looking cool — they’re entirely for show, like shiny Pokemon. The biggest impact they’ll have on your game is letting your opponent know that you spend some serious money and/or time on Hearthstone. And given that crafting a golden card runs for 2-8 times the cost of a normal card, which equates to a lot of money and/or time, the question is: which ones should you craft with your precious dust?

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