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Orconomics is Now An Audiobook

A man listening to Orconomics

Have you ever thought to yourself “I wish I could listen to fine financial fantasy when driving to work?” Or perhaps you think some epic fantasy humor would help make that vacation travel a bit more relaxing? Or maybe you have a friend who you think would enjoy some fine economic satire, but he or she only listens to audiobooks?

Well, I have the answer to all of your problems—provided all of your problems are a subset of that remarkably specific list. Orconomics: A Satire is now available on Audible and iTunes.

And if you’ve never listened to Audiobooks before, this is a great one to get you started. Narrator Doug Tisdale really brings the characters of Arth to life. You can get Orconomics for free when you start your 30-day trial with Audible.com.

Arth Lore

Understanding Arth’s Dates

Have you ever been reading The Dark Profit Saga and wondered what all of those funny dates mean? No? Well, that’s pretty normal. Maybe you could humor me and pretend that you care about all of the work I put into the date system? Great! Read on for a summary of how Arth’s calendar works.

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