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Business Behaving Badly

Business Behaving Badly: Coke

One of the key themes in Orconomics: a Satire is that when business fails to adhere to ethical standards or even basic human decency, it can really muck with the rest of society. Lest anyone think I’m unfair to our business community, I’m writing an occasional segment entitled Business Behaving Badly, wherein I call out real world examples of businesses acting like fantasy villains. In this episode: Coke.

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One Reason Why Amazon’s Reviews are Higher than Goodreads’

It’s widely accepted in the indie publishing world (and beyond) that reviewers on the social reading site Goodreads are more discerning / harsh than their counterparts on Amazon.com. Some people have suggested that Goodreads users are better read, and therefore choosier about their books. Others have pointed to unscrupulous review practices that hit Amazon harder than other sites. I’d like to point to a third contributor to Amazon’s optimistic reviews: User experience design. Specifically, the UX design at Amazon encourages better reviews from all of its users.
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