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Review: The Lost Temple of Ssis’sythyss

An iPad with The Dungeoneers Book 3 over a jungle background.

Ever wonder why characters in fantasy games would only take a half dozen adventurers on critical quests? Or why a someone would assemble a handful of deadly adventurers for a treasure hunt, but leave traps and locks to a lone criminal in the group? Or why, given the high mortality rates among adventurers, new applicants would keep sticking to the same dangerous practices?

They wouldn’t. Enter the Dungeoneers.

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Rollin’ Toward the Finish Line

So way back in November, I wrote an email saying that I’d pushed my date for launching Son of a Liche to the middle of this year, and that I’d be writing status updates in January and March. I’ve clearly missed the boat on a January update, but the launch date hasn’t moved and here we are in late March. Two out of three ain’t bad, right?

I don’t want anyone to think I’ve been slacking. If anything, I’ve been putting more hours into my publishing work over the past six months. (This may or may not have something to do with the motherboard of my PC frying late last year, leaving me with no way to play Overwatch or RPGs.)

I’ve built out the ebooks. I’m creating marketing materials and some other goodies to share with readers. Advance reader copies are with advance readers. I’ve spruced up my website a bit, and optimized it for speed. And… that’s it. My checklist is getting shorter and shorter by the day.

Oh, and this guy is in the recording studio.

Doug Tisdale Jr. in the Recording Studio reading Son of a Liche

That’s Doug Tisdale Jr., narrator of Orconomics (and Son of a Liche).

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