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Gnow Your Gnomes: Tinderkin

A Tinderkin

It’s hard to define the Gnomes of Arth; they’re said to take as many shapes and sizes as the clouds in the sky.  Gnomish legends say that they once shared a common ancestor, but the great Clans have all become their own sub-races.  Be that as it may, it’s proper to refer to any of them, from a Halfling to a Tinderkin to a Deep Gnome, as a Gnome.

The Gnomes of Clan Kaedrin, more commonly known as Tinderkin, legendarily avoided an ancient war against the forces of Mannon.  Their reluctance earned them a reputation as cowards and shiftless thieves, and though the characterization was somewhat unwarranted at the time in the ages since many of them have grown into the stereotype quite nicely.

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Indie Publishing

My 2017 Author Wish List for Goodreads

Wishlist Cover Image

I think Goodreads is, by any measure, a boon to independent authors. The reading network makes it easy for users to rate and review books, which gives indie authors social credibility.  It also lets readers share books they’re enjoying, which gives authors exposure. These are important needs for indie authors, and Goodreads is doing the Lord’s work by meeting them.

So generally, I think Goodreads is great. But as an independent author, there are a few things I wish it did better. And if I could climb into the head of Goodreads’ product management team and control him or her like a helpless meat puppet (a la Being John Malkovich), I’d totally get a few things at the top of their development roadmap. (Which is perhaps the most boring and unscandalous thing that you could do in a Being-John-Malkovich scenario, but that’s how seriously badly I want these.)

Here’s my 2017 wish list for Goodreads development team:

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