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Review: That Which Should Not Be

Cover Art from That Which Should Not Be

It’s no secret that I’m a Mythos Fan. Which, it may surprise you to learn, is a very different thing from being a Lovecraft fan. I love the dark, twisted visions that author H.P. Lovecraft painted of cults, the arcane, and creeping madness, but any extensive reading of the author’s work reveal that he was kind of a bastard. And when I say “kind of a bastard,” I don’t mean to mitigate the term at all. I mean to specify the variety of bastard that is racist, xenophobic, and nihilistic. If you’ve ever been reading about dark cultists and lurking tales only to encounter Lovecraft’s naming a pet after a racial slur or seeing him describe a monster by comparing it to a black person, you know what I’m talking about.

I’ve longed to read horrific tales of the Mythos that weren’t written by a horrific jerk. Brett J. Talley’s That Which Should Not Be delivers just that.*
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My (Typically) Late Review of Wonder Woman

I’m beginning to develop a trend of reviewing things so late that everyone already has a firm opinion on whatever I’l writing about. That goes doubly so for Wonder Woman, which everyone already seems to love. But hey, I’ll throw my two cents in the corroded fountain of public opinion: Wonder Woman is the best DC movie in years, and a fine comic book move.

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