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10 Reasons You Should Outline Your Novel

I’ve met a lot of authors with incredible passion for writing, but I’ve talked to relatively few who are passionate outliners.  Most of my friends who write see outlines as a chore, or worse, as a restriction on the creative impulses that you need to write a novel. But done correctly, outlining is itself a creative exercise, and one that carries a lot of benefits.

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My Name is Ariele and I Write Books: 10 Fun Facts About the Sagittan Chronicles

Hello, J. Zachary Pike’s fans. It’s lovely to meet you! I am a writer and my genre is scifi. I’m happy to announce that I recently released a new novel titled The Wounded World. You can pick up a copy on Amazon, or get a signed copy on my website!

The book is about Quin, who returns home to find that his father, a high-level government official, has disappeared leaving a dangerous new piece of technology behind. Quin sets out to find out where his father went, and to solve the myriad of problems in his path.

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