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Understanding Arth’s Dates

Have you ever been reading The Dark Profit Saga and wondered what all of those funny dates mean? No? Well, that’s pretty normal. Maybe you could humor me and pretend that you care about all of the work I put into the date system? Great! Read on for a summary of how Arth’s calendar works.

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Indie Publishing

Leading Ladies and Personal Growth


Please note: The Leading Ladies Fantasy Bundle is no longer available. But hey! You can still check out great new bundles on Storybundle.com, or get Orconomics for your favorite reading device online.

Storybundle recently launched the Leading Ladies Fantasy Bundle, a collection of works curated by Charlotte E. English and selected for their interesting female characters. If you’ll indulge me for a moment of personal introspection, I have to confess that I was somewhat shocked when Charlotte reached out to me to see if I’d be willing to participate in the bundle. Pleasantly so, to be sure, but I never expected my work to be included in a bundle with a feminist theme.

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