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How To Outline Your Novel In Scrivener

A while back (okay, a long while back), I wrote about the value of outlining your novel. It’s a great way to get the plot and structure of your book going, and it helps you solve for the big narrative early on. If you’re writing in Scrivener, however, it can be much more than that: an outline in Scrivener is really a living foundation to build your novel on.

To show you how it’s done, I’m going to walk you through the outlining of my amazing romance concept: Pants on FirePants on Fire explores the whirlwind of lies and lust that explodes when Jane falls in love with a dishonest politician. Think Dirty Dancing meets Mitch McConnell. (And now try to un-think it. That’s right. You can’t.)

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In Defense of Orcs, Goblins, and More

Patrick Rothfuss famously said:

The problem with a lot of people who read only literary fiction is that they assume fantasy is just books about orcs and goblins and dragons and wizards and bullshit. And to be fair, a lot of fantasy is about that stuff. … However, we should not be judged by our lowest common denominators.

And I’m usually not one to pick a fight on my blog*, but I like orcs and goblins and dragons and wizards. I don’t like bullshit, however, which is why I hate that freaking quote.

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