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Gorm Ingerson is a Dwarf, a drunk, and an outlaw from the Heroes’ Guild. While robbing a professional heroat axe-point, Gorm inadvertently saves the life of Gleebek, a feral Goblin. Out of desperation, the creature follows Gorm. The Dwarf eventually takes pity on the Goblin and takes him to apply to become a Noncombatant Paper Carrier (or an NPC).

Gorm takes Gleebek to the offices of the Heroes’ Guild in the great city-state of Andarun, which unfortunately leads him into the clutches of Mr. Flinn and Brunt the Ogre. Mr. Flinn explains that Gorm, being an ex-professional hero of some renown, had been selected for recruitment by the High Scribe of the mad goddess Al’Matra. If he refuses, he’ll be hanged for his past offenses against the Guild. With no other option but facing Guild justice, Gorm reluctantly agrees to join the High Scribe’s party of coerced misfits.

Gorm’s initial assessment of his colleagues isn’t encouraging. Worse still, High Scribe Niln personally leads the party, and his social interactions are almost as underdeveloped as his combat skills.

Gorm sees a ray of hope, however, when his old colleague Johan informs him that their quest is actually a ploy to pacify Niln and the Al’Matrans. Gorm and his party are asked to recover the Elven Marbles and settle the dispute between the Elves and Orcs over their rightful ownership. Johan assures Gorm that once the simple fetch quest is complete, Gorm’s obligation to the Al’Matrans will be effectively over and his record with the Guild wiped clean.

Thus reassured, Gorm leads his party to an Elven Embassy, an underworld bar, the lair of a Lizardman cult, and then into the dark swamp of the Myrewood. There, the heroes uncover the scene of a bloody fight, as well as some signs indicating that the Orcs may have the Marbles. Shortly after leaving the swamp, Gorm discovers that the party was being trailed by Thane, an unusually benign Troll that has become smitten with Kaitha. Reluctantly, Gorm agrees to keep Thane’s presence secret in exchange for the Troll’s services as a hidden threat deterrent.

Gorm and his party journey to Bloodroot, a town populated by NPC Orcs. Their Chieftain, Zurthraka Guz’Varda, has eschewed the traditional Orcish industries of looting and pillaging in favor of more peaceful pursuits, like manufacturing and product design. With Zurthraka’s help, Gorm locates an Orc with clues about the whereabouts of the Elven Marbles, and discovers that they have likely been taken to the Ashen Tower, where the hero Johan legendarily slew a dark wizard.

At the Tower, the heroes discover that their wizard, Jynn, is actually the disgraced son of the dark wizard. In an even more unpleasant revelation, Jynn’s estranged father returns, now as a liche. The undead wizard and the heroes fight, but Gorm’s party prevails with Thane’s help.

Gleebek, however, is wounded in the fight. The heroes return to Bloodroot to treat Gleebek, and while there Niln confides in Gorm that the Dwarf is the true leader of the party. Gorm decides that the Orcs should have the Elven Marbles, setting off a tremendous celebration among the Orcs. When Gorm and his party depart to turn in the paperwork at a nearby branch of Heroes’ Guild, they reluctantly leave Gleebek behind to make a new home in Bloodroot. Niln also leaves the party, finally recognizing that he wasn’t meant to be a hero.

Gorm soon realizes he had made a terrible mistake. The Heroes Guild and Johan have conspired with King Handor to frame the Orcs for stealing the Elven Marbles. The party rushes back to Bloodroot, but not in time to stop professional heroes from completing their grim work. Gorm discovers the bodies of Zurthraka and Gleebek among the ruined town. By the time Mr. Flinn arrives to polish the heroes off, Gorm has lost all hope.

Flinn explains that while he originally planned for Gorm’s party to die in the Myrewood, he chose heroes likely to be sympathetic to Orcs and Goblins for the party as a contingency. Gorm played into the conspirators’ hands when he gave the Elven Marbles to Zurthraka: once the Orcs had the Marbles, the Guild voided their NPC papers and declared a quest to slay the tribe. Flinn has already caught and killed Niln, and now only needs to finish Gorm off as well.

Just before Flinn strikes, Gorm sees signs that much of the Guz’Varda tribe has managed to escape. The realization that the Orcs still need his help reignites Gorm’s passion and berzerker’s power, giving him the strength to defeat Brunt and send Flinn fleeing. Now an outlaw once more, Gorm vows to fight the Guild rather than running from it. He and his party memorialize Niln and Gleebek before heading into the wilderness to find the lost Orcs.

Character Guide for Orconomics

There are spoilers in this character guide as well. Read it at your own risk.

Main Characters

  • Gaist (Iheen the Red): An Imperial Human weaponsmaster, and one of Niln’s Seven Heroes of Destiny. He's very large, wears dark leather and a crimson scarf, and is very good at killing people. Gorm recalls Iheen the Red was part of Gorm’s group that went up against Az’Anon, but now he goes by Gaist and never speaks.
  • Gorm Ingerson: A disgraced Dwarven berserker, formerly of the Khazad’im Clan, and one of Niln’s Seven Heroes of Destiny. Also known as Pyrebeard or the Northern Flame. Fell to shame after the dungeon of Az’Anon the Spider King and became a drunkard. Was duped by Handor, Johan, and corporate Andarun into taking up questing again, only to unwittingly contribute to the destruction of the Guz’Varda tribe.
  • Heraldin Strummons: A Human bard, and one of Niln’s Seven Heroes of Destiny. He's a thin man with a neat black mustache and bright bardic clothing. Excellent (but reluctant) lockpicker and thief. Is trying to avoid notice by Benny Hookhand.
  • Jynn Ur’Mayan (Jynn Ur’Gored): A Human noctomancer, and one of Niln’s Seven Heroes of Destiny. He is the reviled son of Detarr Ur’Mayan, and Niln used the wizard’s heritage to coerce him into leaving his high position at the Academy to become a hero.
  • Kaitha: A famous Elven Ranger known as the Jade Wind, and one of the Niln’s Seven Heroes of Destiny. She was once a princess of House Tyrieth, and is a fearsome archer. However, she fell into substance abuse over her career, became addicted to healing elixirs, and is regarded as a wash-up.
  • Laruna Trullon: A young solamancer wielding immense fire power, yet working on control. After a fight with Jynn, she was strong-armed into joining Niln’s Seven Heroes of Destiny. As a fire specialist, Laruna is not very good at healing.
  • Niln: A scribe and prophet of Al’Matra (the All Mother, the Mad Goddess and former queen of gods), Niln prophesized that he himself was the Seventh Hero. He gathered the Heroes of Destiny, but came to realize he was not the figure in the prophecy. He was killed by Mr. Flinn after leaving the party.
  • Tib’rin (Gleebek): A Goblin, formerly of the River Turtle Clan. Gorm saved him from a hero, and he remained Gorm’s squire until he joined up with Zurthraka and the Orcs. Died at Bloodroot.

Important Characters

  • Bolbi Baggs: A Halfling banker and partner at Golson Baggs. Co-conspirator in the fall of Bloodroot.
  • Burt: A Kobold handbag performer. Was Jalana’s purse Kobold, and was an informant for Gorm. After the massacre at Bloodroot, Burt helped Gorm and the team track down the Mask.
  • Detarr Ur’Mayan: A Human noctomancer participating in the Leviathan Project. Jynn’s father. He was killed by Johan years ago, but turned himself into a liche. Managed to escape with his research after fighting with Gorm and the heroes at the Ashen Tower.
  • Mr. Flinn (Garold Flinn): A Tinderkin mercenary and assassin. Flinn helped orchestrate the betrayal at Bloodroot and killed Niln.
  • Fenrir Goldson: A Dwarven banker and partner at Golson Baggs. Co-conspirator in the fall of Bloodroot.
  • Johan the Mighty: As Champion of Tandos and hero of Andarun, Johan is very famous and influential. He originally slayed Detarr Ur'Mayan and rescued princess Marja. As an advisor to King Handor, he participated in hiring Gorm and the other Heroes of Destiny to retrieve the Elven Marbles. Co-conspirator in the fall of Bloodroot.
  • King Handor: The King of Andarun gave Niln's party the the mission to find the Elven marbles. He led the conspiracy that led to Bloodroot’s downfall.
  • Mr. Poldo (Duine Poldo):A Scribkin working at at Goldson Baggs with a cautious approach to the economy. He was fired after the fall of Bloodroot for not being aggressive enough and failing to foresee market conditions.
  • Thane: A benign Troll who cultivated a beautiful garden in the foul Myrewood. He became infatuated with Kaitha, but could not show himself to her, and now follows the party in secret.
  • Weaver Ortson: Grandmaster of the Heroes’ Guild. Co-conspirator in the fall of Bloodroot.
  • Zurthraka Guz’Varda: The Chieftain of the Guz'Varda Tribe of Orcs. He led his people on a mercantile path and built up their wealth, but was killed at Bloodroot.

Minor Characters

  • Asherzu: Orcess of the Guz’Varda Tribe. Daughter of Zurthraka.
  • Benny Hookhand: A thief/criminal boss in Andarun; the most dangerous gangster in the Freedlands.
  • Char: Orc of the Guz’Varda Tribe. Son of Zurthraka. Originally captured Niln while trying to sell to him.
  • Mr. Brunt: A heavily tattooed Ogre, and formerly Mr. Flinn’s hired muscle. Gorm defeated him at Bloodroot.
  • Damrod the Eye: Works with the Mask occasionally. Heads up the ambush in the Myrewood. Killed by zombies.
  • Dengark: Orc of the Guz’Varda Tribe. Attendant to Zurthraka. Killed at Bloodroot.
  • Ghabrang: Lived among the Guz’Varda tribe. Worked as a henchman for Detarr Ur’Mayan years ago.
  • Hrurk: A Gnoll who used to be the lift attendant at Goldson Baggs. Friendly with Poldo.
  • Ignatius Wythelm: Priest of Mordo Ogg in Andarun. Watches the statue.
  • Jalana: House Tyrieth’s ambassador to Andarun and Kaitha’s sister. Is the prior employer of Boots (Burt).
  • The Mask: A criminal Doppelganger and old acquaintance of Gorm.Took part in the conspiracy to trick Gorm’s party. Gorm and party killed him when recovering evidence of the conspiracy.
  • Pathalan: A High Scribe of Al’Matra, in competition with Niln before Niln’s death.

Gorm Ingerson and Burt the Kobold reading.

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