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Arth’s Pantheon: The Minor Gods

An image of wind chimes and figurines that look like minor powers dancing around celestial bodies.

This is part of a series examining the gods and powers that shape life on Arth. If you’re new to the series, get started with an overview.

The Hall of the Gods swarms with lesser beings. Angels and cherubs, rogue demons, lost souls, and the spirits of the Pantheon’s most fervent worshippers swarm around their titanic masters. Some of these powers rise above others, even gaining power over minor realms of influence within their master’s domains. These are the minor gods, each of them an important part of Arth’s crowded mythology.

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Arth Lore

Arth’s Pantheon: The Gods of Fire

An image of flame. Text reads Arth's Pantheon: Fire. Flame, Warmth, Smithing

This is part of a series on Arth’s Pantheon. Twice a month we’re taking a look at life on Arth and the gods that shape it. If you’re new to the series, get started with an overview. This post looks at the gods of the realm of fire.

We’ll dispense with the usual quips about being hot-headed or having burning rage; the gods of flame command flame as much as they embody it. By their teachings and will, the citizens of Arth have harnessed fire for industry, warmth, cooking, and war. They are among the most revered and beloved of the elemental gods.

That being said: yes, sometimes, they have quite a temper.

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