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Arth Lore: Nove’s Principles of Universal Irony

Since the launch of Son of a Liche last year, the one item that keeps coming up in questions and requests from fans is a list of Nove’s Principles of Universal Irony. Part of the reason I wasn’t immediately forthcoming with a complete list is that some of Nove’s work wasn’t included in that book. You’ll need to wait for Dragonfired to complete your Novian studies, but that’s no reason not to get a head start now!

“The exact ratio of irony to matter in the universe is known as Nove’s Constant, and by definition it’s more than you’d expect.” – Son of a Liche

The Third-Age Gnomish philosopher-scientist Nove was best known for his theory that the reality is partially comprised of various forms of irony. Most of his work was boiled down in his seminal Principles of Universal Irony, which laid out several derivative concepts of his work on Nove’s Constant. Nove hoped to express his ideas as mathematical laws, but every time he presented his work to the Philosopher-Scientists Society of Essenpi, a ready exception to his equations was discovered no matter how carefully he had checked the math. Nove insisted that this was only further evidence of the merits of his work. The PSSE agreed, but in principle only, and Nove’s works never became law.

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