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Review: Kings of the Wyld

What’s the difference between a band of heroes and a band of musical superstars? Not much inĀ Kings of the Wyld, Nicholas Eames’ rocking epic about a bunch of has-been heroes reuniting for one last adventure. Along the way, they’ll booze it up, brawl with monsters and the law, trash a couple of venues, and somehow save the world while they’re at it.
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Arth Lore

Arth’s Pantheon: The Minor Gods

An image of wind chimes and figurines that look like minor powers dancing around celestial bodies.

This is part of a series examining the gods and powers that shape life on Arth. If you’re new to the series, get started with an overview.

The Hall of the Gods swarms with lesser beings. Angels and cherubs, rogue demons, lost souls, and the spirits of the Pantheon’s most fervent worshippers swarm around their titanic masters. Some of these powers rise above others, even gaining power over minor realms of influence within their master’s domains. These are the minor gods, each of them an important part of Arth’s crowded mythology.

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