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Son of a Liche Cover Revealed

I revealed the cover for Son of a Liche on Facebook Live yesterday. If you dig the video, please like / subscribe / share and all that other Internet-buzzwordy stuff. And if you want to keep seeing stuff like this as it happens, remember to like my page on Facebook and get notifications for live videos.

This vide showcases the skill of James T. Egan of Bookfly Design as a cover designer and also cements my status as a streaming video noob.


Review: The Lost Temple of Ssis’sythyss

An iPad with The Dungeoneers Book 3 over a jungle background.

Ever wonder why characters in fantasy games would only take a half dozen adventurers on critical quests? Or why a someone would assemble a handful of deadly adventurers for a treasure hunt, but leave traps and locks to a lone criminal in the group? Or why, given the high mortality rates among adventurers, new applicants would keep sticking to the same dangerous practices?

They wouldn’t. Enter the Dungeoneers.

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