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I have a few bad habits, and one of them is buying things that don’t exist or work yet. That takes a few shapes; for example, I occasionally buy platoons of plastic space men that could be used to do something fun someday, but will likely remain unfinished on my desk until I am old enough to retire. I’m also a fan of buying early access video games, and my latest splurge was for Underworld Ascendant.  Read More


A February to remember. Or better yet, to forget.

Let me be upfront: I am biased. I hate February.

February is the month when snow loses its charm, and nature heaps on a couple more feet of it out of spite. February is the month when cabin fever really sets in, along with every other type of sickness. February is the month where you feel the pressure of romantic relationships more acutely — either to find one if you’re single, or to perform some over-the-top act of romance if you’re with someone. It’s cold. It’s wet. It’s boring. The only good thing about February is that it’s shorter than other months.

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