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Leading Ladies and Personal Growth


Please note: The Leading Ladies Fantasy Bundle is no longer available. But hey! You can still check out great new bundles on Storybundle.com, or get Orconomics for your favorite reading device online.

Storybundle recently launched the Leading Ladies Fantasy Bundle, a collection of works curated by Charlotte E. English and selected for their interesting female characters. If you’ll indulge me for a moment of personal introspection, I have to confess that I was somewhat shocked when Charlotte reached out to me to see if I’d be willing to participate in the bundle. Pleasantly so, to be sure, but I never expected my work to be included in a bundle with a feminist theme.

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Arth Lore

Gnow Your Gnomes: Halflings

It’s hard to define the Gnomes of Arth; they’re said to take as many shapes and sizes as the clouds in the sky.  Gnomish legends say that they once shared a common ancestor, but the great Clans have all become their own sub-races.  Be that as it may, it’s proper to refer to any of them, from a Halfling to a Tinderkin to a Deep Gnome, as a Gnome.

Halflings are the Gnomes of Clan Haughlin. On the whole, they are short, rotund people with round features, pot bellies, and curly hair (even on the tops of their feet.)  They’re friendly, intelligent, and generally well natured, but are averse to manual labor, or indeed anything that isn’t comfortable. Indeed, Halflings value little above wealth and comfort.

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